The Archivist Volumes: Intronaut

I present to you what’s uploaded… so far of my Intronaut recordings. I do have some shows that I have not sliced and diced yet. The next 6 links are older rips of Intronaut.

The next batch of links are more current, however the Knitting Factory show (last in this list) may be an older style of mastering (aka not loud enough).

The Archivist Volumes: Failure

This was the 1st performance of Ken Andrews reunited with Kellii Scott since the break up in 1997 accompanied with the Section Quartet. NOTE: this is just one song, not a whole set…

Reunited and it feels so good…

Reunification: 1st file is both set 1 and 2 zipped up.

Post-reunited: Fan Plan in its entirety

Post-reunited with Troy on 2nd guitar and keyboards

Two 1996 shows at the Whisky, first two files are V0 and 320mp3 of the 12/16/96 date. This is from the VHS master tape direct from the Whisky A Go-Go


7″ transfer from the vault.

Duplicates of the demos a couple lines up, my memory fades, but they are essentially the same thing, but ripped differently.

BBC Broadcast in support of “The Heart is a Monster”

The Archivist Volumes: Deafheaven

Wow, coming through these, I saw this band a lot in 2011. I think that was there breakout year! These guys worked really hard too and are excellent ppl.

These are sort of updated as 2 of the below shows are mastered better than the ones that are duplicates of the ones above. I have more shows recorded, it’s just a matter of cutting the WAV and mastering. I recorded some pretty interesting and weird places of this band performing. Fun stuff!

The Archivist Volumes: Refused

I saw the reunited Refused at the Glass House in 2012 and at FYF Fest. I might have one more show to upload but it’s pretty much the same set as all the 2012 sets from that year. Both nights were pretty awesome and had an excellent time watching the guys burn the place down.

The next 2 sets are in support of their most recent release, FREEDOM. I thought at first this album was lukewarm but upon listening to it additionally I grew to like it even more. It’s roughly a 1/2 hour long in length but the energy and fire is still there. Unfortunately, I think I heard that one of their principle writers left the band, some fans were disappointed in this change, but the band must go on.

The Archivist Volumes: Russian Circles

This is what I could find so far of this Chicago Post-Rock favorite, Russian Circles. I might have another show or two that I haven’t released yet.

These should work, but hit the chainlink south of this page next to the social media icons to hail me, your captain, darshun…¬† Enjoy

The Archivist Volumes: Shiner 2

The Egg-in-its-entirety Tour in Dallas and Austin, TX, cause that’s as far West that Shiner & Houston went.

The last Los Angeles date before the break up.

The FINALE show!

Reunion shows!

The Archivist Volumes: Thirty Ought Six – Official and Unofficial releases

This was released from a CD compilation called “Notes from the Underground” and was released on 7″ backed with “Wading.”

I found several years ago on the record label Mute’s website for sale. I bought it and it comes with the radio edit of “Adamantine,” “Talon,” and “Moreau.” The latter two tracks were released together on a 7″.

“Bosozoku!” What an album, what led to this band’s great sophomore release, “Hag Seed.” It’s hard to find on CD nowadays but it’s here in 3 formats, I think the first link are 192kbps mp3s.

Ah, I got these mp3s from a friend in Europe whom I lost touch with. He transferred these from cassette, hence the condtition on “Jack Lord” was not so great but seriously a kick ass song.

The album that crushed me upon listening to it in its entirety. The title track always gets me riled up and puts me in a good mood. This is my all-time favorite album and desert island disc for sure.

The Archivist Volumes: Thirty Ought Six

My all-time favorite band performing live. One of the true bands that I adore who sounds great in a studio and at a show. Thirty Ought Six was a tremendous powertrio that have released 2 albums and a handful of 7″ vinyl. Enjoy these bootlegs for free, but please do not resell these.